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PATH Troops 2013 roundup "Vacation"

Bobby McCrudden, Willie Trotter, Jerry Barnickle, Pete Smircich,
Al Lopez, Tommy Miller
May 2013

PATH Troops Annual Westwood Ho "Vacation"

*** Planet Hollywood ***
Will never be the same and neither will the GOLDEN NUGGET for that matter!

Anthony Travel, LLC
4419 Highway 9 NORTH Howell, NJ 07731 (732) 363-4441
anthonytravel@anthony-travel.net www.samsanthonytravel.com


Needless to say there has been many changes already this year and I'm sure there will be many more to come... Thank's to all our old and loyal Charter Members for staying with us all these years and now if we could only get more of our younger brothers and sisters to join with us... We have many various PAPD organizations and we should all be a part of each and everyone of them... Our PAPD Family is Nation wide and yet we are all one with one another... This is just a way of letting you know how important it is to be there for one another and be proud of the uniform we wore, I want to thank all of you for being such an important part of my life.

Reserve Room Scuttlebutt!

Buckslip has been in contact with some of our OLD TIMERS and they all wanted me to say hello for them...

Mel Klawsky (Retired - JFK - 76) and Anita are still going strong (considering being Retired for 37 years). Enjoying life to the fullest and always looking forward to hearing from his OLD (or young) co-workers.

Aaron Lafer (Retired - JFK - 76) and Marilyn Also still enjoying Retirement and having the usual aces and pains that come with the years...

Larry Berle (Retired - HT - 92) and Gerri Still traveling and never staying in one place to long... I must say Larry and Gerri are two of the

Pete Smircich (Retired - PATH - 01) and Michele always active and always setting up new and better PATH-Monday function Keep up the good work Pete, we need youand more like you.

Applications for the various PAPD Associations are on the "8-2 West" website.

Vegas Vacation!

"Sam's Anthony Travel"
Now Ready for all our Travel Needs
Whether planning to visit our families, make the 8-2 Reunions in Florida or in Las Vegas. Sam and Joe Nicoletti (Retired - PATH), will most assuredly do their best to get us off to a great start. She can help with group trips including airfare and room package deals, along with single flights.
Contact Samantha at:

732-363-4441 or

home at: 732-363-3127


8-2 West . . . Las Vegas

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Steiner's - A Nevada Style Pub
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