Your March issue contained a letter about just how willing we are to send ours sons and daughters to war. I am proud to say that I have had two sons enlist in the US Army. My son John went in upon graduation from high school. He spent the better part of three years assigned to the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, NY. He was discharged in June 2001 and immediately joined a Guard unit in NYC. He responded to the WTC on 9/11 and spent several weeks there. But he also tried to reenlist in the Army and was looking to join his old unit before it was deployed to Afghanistan. The Army could not guarantee him his old unit, so he opted to stay with the Guard. But his first thoughts after 9/11 were to join his Infantry buddies before going to war.

My oldest son Peter is with an Army Special Operations unit stationed at Fort Benning, GA. He has just returned home after being deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. On his uniform he wore a Port Authority Police patch. It was a reminder to him, his buddies and those they challenged that it was one of the reasons they were there.

Over the course of the past five years I have met many young men and women who have served alongside my sons. These young and proud Americans are highly trained and motivated. They are the kids who are the first to be put in harms way and they embrace the challenge. I am always in awe when visiting these bases, seeing these baby face kids who have all volunteered and so eager to be put to the test. Like all parents we are proud when we see our children in uniform. And, like all parents we worry. None of us want to see our children put in harms way. But they made the decision to enlist and as parents we need to support their decision though deep down inside we wish they were doing something else.

As for the patch, on his return my son had it place in a display case along with his unit insignia, special operations tab and the Operation Enduring Freedom coin. He gave it John Mattiace (Police Academy), who I worked alongside for many years at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Pat Facchini (Retired - LT)


I hope you and Angie are doing well over on Barefoot Bay. (love that name) Things here on the Gulf Coast are fine. I was hoping to be able to get to the reunion, but it doesn't look like that I will be able to. I know you all will have a great time.
We were just up in New York the weekend before Sept. 11th, and I had the opportunity to go down into Ground Zero with Dom Ricigliano, one of the members of the Recovery Team Romeo. (The official designation of the PA retired officers who worked the recovery) Looking around that vast empty construction site and thinking about the towers that once stood there and where I worked for so long was mind boggling. In the heartache, sadness and loss that we all have suffered with September 11th, it's been hard to find anything that gives relief from those feelings. But I did find something that made me smile. Sally bought Philippe Petit's new book, "To Reach The Clouds". Do you remember the "crazy Frenchman" who walked between the WTC towers? It was just over 28 years ago that he performed that stunt. In his book he describes how he accomplished that feat and goes into great detail about his subsequent arrest. What made me laugh is the included CCR by the arresting PA Police Officers Sal Caporaso shield 358 & Greg Meyers #1311, signed by Commanding Officer Frank Rock, for Criminal Trespass & Dis/Con. He describes how he was taken to the mysterious police station under the towers. And his transport to Bellvue and on to the 1st Precinct for booking. It was there he picked the lock of his handcuffs with a discarded paper clip, then took Sal Caporaso's cap and balanced it on his nose for the delight of the paparazzi. I have scanned & attached the CCR in this e-mail, and I'll send the hat photo in the next one. I thought you might appreciate the memory too. Take care, hope to see you soon.

John Spillane (Retired - WTC)

C.C.R. Report & Hat Photo - Click Here

Don't open the picture until you have read the story.

This is an e-mail from a young ensign aboard USS Winston Churchill to his parents. (Churchill is an
Arleigh Burke class AEGIS guided missile destroyer, commissioned March 10, 2001, and is the only active US Navy warship named after a foreign national.).

"Dear Dad,
We are still at sea. The remainder of our port visits have all been canceled. We have spent every day since the attacks going back and forth within imaginary boxes drawn in the ocean, standing high-security watches, and trying to make the best of it. We have seen the articles and the photographs, and they are sickening. Being isolated, I don't think we appreciate the full scope of what is happening back home, but we are definitely feeling the effects.

About two hours ago, we were hailed by a German Navy destroyer, Lutjens, requesting permission to pass close by our port side. Strange, since we're in the middle of an empty ocean, but the captain
acquiesced and we prepared to render them honors from our bridgewing. As they were making their approach, our conning officer used binoculars and announced that Lutjens was flying not the German, but the American flag. As she came alongside us, we saw the American flag flying half-mast and her entire crew topside standing at silent, rigid attention in their dress uniforms. They had made a sign that was displayed on her side that read "We Stand By You."

There was not a dry eye on the bridge as they stayed alongside us for a few minutes and saluted. It was the most powerful thing I have seen in my life. The German Navy did an incredible thing for this crew, and it has truly been the highest point in the days since the attacks. It's amazing to think that only half-century ago things were quite different. After Lutjens pulled away, the Officer of the Deck, who had been planning to get out later this year, turned to me and said, "I'm staying Navy."

I'll write you when I know more about when I'll be home, but this is it for now. Love you guys."

Pete Smircich (Active - PATH)


Police Hat-Balancing act

Thank you so much for the article about David Lim and his K-9 partner Sirius. I often worked with Dave when he was in the CPP and came to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to work, or with a prisoner to be processed.

I can still remember when I first learned that he had been assigned a K-9. I was very happy for him.
Surely, many of us have felt the pain of losing a dog which was considered a member of the family. Dave is a friend and I admire his selfless dedication to his canine partner. We should all have such loyal friends...don't you agree?

Personally, I believe that without question, Sirius should be designated as the #38th P.A. cop lost in the WTC tragedy. That dog was trained and prepared to give his life to save Dave or any of our other brother officers, if necessary. That may not sound like much to a civilian, but we cops (active or retired) all know better.

He walked with us...he faced danger with us...it's the least that we can do.

Joseph R. Seda (Retired - BT)

I read with interest the article about how little was known about the Port Authority Police Force. My feeling is that the cause of that goes back to the earlier days, back in the 50's , 60's and 70's. They were the days of the Public Relations Department which felt the duties of the PAPD shouldn't be
advertised. God forbid if the adjacent towns and cities found out we actually had police powers.

Horrors, they might ask us for help and cost the Port Authority untold millions of dollars by using our police force. Arrests by the PAPD were handed over to NYCPD or cities in NJ so as not to let the
public know that we actually made arrests. We were forced to keep a low profile in those days. Now we're paying for it in the lack of recognition our officers so rightly deserve. The latest stories about the bodies found in an apparent attempt to save a woman's life will show the world how capable our
heroic officers were in this tragedy. May God bless and protect our officers,
both alive and deceased.

Bob Kutcher (Retired - CPD)

I would like to share with all of you at this time of despair, a letter Angie and I received from a person we have dealt with in an e-bay transaction. We felt it very touching and consoling knowing how others from another country felt toward us through this disaster.

Hello from England:

I am sorry to say that as a country boy, well if 57 years of age is a boy, I have a horror of big cities.

We visited Florida prior to taking a Caribbean Cruise one year, and promised to come back and see Florida, away from the honeypots, the real State, as it were not the Disney bits. But the thought of visiting N Y, or London, or Paris, etc leaves me cold, too many people, too much noise.

You obviously enjoyed your life in The Big Apple. My youngest son loves the place, and the people, although most of his work in the USA takes him away from cities. He is a communications engineer working in motor racing. He was in California, still is for that matter, when the 11th happened. He e-mailed to say he was fine but that his American friends were shocked.

In the UK we have had the worry of the Irish fringe planting the odd bomb, and killing a few folk here and there, but that is as nothing compared to the NY experience. Made so much worse by live TV coverage.

I suppose that we ought to try to see a bright side. After all millions died in the First and Second World wars, including countless Americans, and we ended with a split and divided world, and a cold war.

The loss of so many civilians, may bring the world to its senses. Never in my life have so many countries
rallied to the US's support so quickly. If the free world can capitalize on that and make those offers of support permanent, then maybe those folk did not die in vain. And a new world order will be their

After all you and I are talking and we never met. They say God works in mysterious ways, maybe in a few years we will see that just as he sacrificed his son, 2000 years ago, maybe this sacrifice will be the seed that grows into understanding and peace. I hope so.

There's nothing we can do for the folks in New York, or Washington right now, but every one I know in the UK would walk on broken glass if it would help you guys catch the people who did this to you.

God Bless you all

David Dawson

I just had to send this out to you all and hope you appreciated it as much as I did................ I usually close with "Have a Happy", but that's hard to say at this time, so let's close with.....................

God Bless America!

Jerry and Angie

Dear Sir,

I must admit this has taken some time for me to be able to believe what has happened is not some bad movie. On behalf of my family, my colleagues and myself I want deepest sympathy and profound respect for all those lost in this sub human act of monstrous proportions. Please pass on to the rescue crews involved the intense pride, respect and admiration in which you all are held by those of us so far away but so close in spirit. Your super human efforts are an inspiration to all.

Congratulations to you all from all of us in Sydney Harbour Control Tower, owned and operated by Sydney Ports Corporation (State Government) Sydney Australia.

Deepest Regards

Paul Anley

(Former Sydney Port Authority Police Officer and still serving Vol Firefighter)

My name is Rick Kosowan. I am a 25 year veteran of the Winnipeg Police Service, in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I was also a Canine Handler from 1978-1988 and worked with 2 Police Service Dogs. I briefly saw the TV spots with Officer Lim telling his story. I was deeply moved emotionally and understood his pain with the lose of his partner. It brought back many memories.

I have a number of questions. Is he going to remain in the K-9 Unit? If so, has his dog been replaced yet? If not I would like to find a suitable pup to replace the partner he lost. Does it have to be a Golden Lab? Does the unit have a source for dogs? If so, what is the cost?

I was awarded the highest award within our Police Service and with it comes some money to donate to a charity. I will put the money towards a dog for him. If a suitable replacement is located here, I would try to bring the dog to him.

It goes without saying that we as police officers were saddened with the lose of many fine officers and firefighters, along with the many people who worked in the towers on that tragic day. Our hearts are heavy, but we will not forget.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You.

Constable Rick Kosowan 1009/33
Winnipeg Police Training Academy

In todays Binghamton Press the following article appeared which may be of interest to you.


The Binghamton PBA voted to allocate $10,000 from its treasury to aid the families of Officers who died in the September 11th terrorist attacks on the WTC. PBA officials said the decision to help the grieving families financially was made by the local PBA membership. Of the $10,000 - $5,000 will go to the families of NYC Police Officers, while the other $5,000 will go to the families of THE NEW YORK PORT AUTHORITY POLICE OFFICERS killed in the buildings collapse, PBA officials said.

As a retired PAPD Officer living in the Binghamton area, since retirement, I will personally thank the Binghamton PBA for remembering our men in addition to NYCPD.

John Eymer - Retired LT

I went to the mail box today and in the mail was my PA Today, with Hal Williams on the cover. When we worked PN, he was a welder. He came out to my house with one of those steel barrels and made a bar b que pit for me. I have to think this will be the end of PA Today. I was in bed the other night thinking about my first assignment at LT in 67,when they used to truck those steel beams through
the south tunnel on the midnights going down to build the WTC, we would be pissed off because it took away our sleep time. Later in the CPP getting assigned to the WTC sitting on crates on the 60th floor wondering what all that white stuff was. We later found out it was asbestos. Never in my wildest dreams thought that building would come down in my lifetime. My Family and I are going to church
this evening to pray for the families who have suffered loss.

Ken Moore - Retired NIA


The past couple of days have been busy ones at JFK. In particular, Tuesday July 10th, 2001 saw a very hectic day tour, that sort of typifies what a PA cop can be called upon to do, in a wide array of circumstances. The morning started out with a major hazmat job that ran from 0530 to 0815, totally
handled by PAPD, involving an unknown type of substance that leaked out of a bag...preliminary tests indicate it might be a poison, with more tests expected shortly. This was on a day when the JFK Command was tasked with a Presidential arrival. Since it was the President's first trip to NY, the
mayor and the governor both came down to meet him. While that was going on, the gang handled a major car accident, with our own ESU guys cutting one victim out of the car and placing him into the PAPD ambulance. We no sooner finished putting him in the ambulance when we were dispatched to one of the
construction sites for a worker who had fallen and impaled himself on a piece of rebar. He suffered severe injuries to his buttocks, and was transported by the second PAPD ambulance, all while the FDNY looked on...didn't need them :-)...all of this was in the space of 5 hours on the day tour, which ended with 9 people stuck in an elevator...who says we don't earn our keep :-)..... Granted it was not a normal day at JFK, but it goes to show you how anything can and does happen, and the guys and girls on our job rise to the occasion and handle it. By the way the President departed the field without
incident..... I don't know if this is of any help to you for your signal 8-2 or anything, feel free to clean it up and use it if you like....

George Howard - JFK - Died 9/11 at the WTC Disaster

Received a letter from the "First Lady of the PAPD", and she is a every bit that. Our own Insp. Barbara McClancy (LGA/JFK) wanted to give you all her best (following message).

Dear Jerry & Angie,

It was a great pleasure to see you both on your recent visit to New York. Jerry, it has been over 20 years since our last meeting and you brought back some very pleasant memories of my first year with the Port Authority Police Department at LaGuardia Airport. Angie, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope we will meet again. I was impressed with how conscientiously you have both devoted your time to the retired community of PAPD officers. I wonder if there might be more Port Authority cops in Florida or in New York and New Jersey.

Please convey my regards to all members of your organization, now enjoying the life of leisure in sunny Florida. Wishing a happy holiday season and a long healthy retirement for you all.


Barbara McClancy

Inspector - LGA/JFK

Tom Woodley sent us a couple of letters in response to the last issue of "The Buckslip".

Jerry and Angie,

Great issue of "The Buckslip", kudos to you and your staff (Angie). It was wonderful seeing a photo of my old buddy Bill Lappin, we worked many years together at the Lincoln Tunnel. Not to take a back seat to Bill, I'm sending you a picture of me taken in 1958 when I weighed 158 lbs. with a rock in my pocket. It's nice to remember Bikemen like Wenning, Pontery, Biggane, Lappin, DePhillips and many more. "Those were the days".

My very best to you and Angie,

Tom Woodley (Retired LT)


Jerry and Angie,

Wow, Great photo of the Holland Tunnel and their Motor Patrol. Who are the two superior officers in the shot? Looks like Snopeck and Kemp. That's great info on the Commissary items, I will wait to hear from you. I have a list of items ready for purchase.

I have purchased items from the RPA of NY in the past and think it's terrific to be able to sport items with the PAPD shield and patches of them.

The patrol cars in the photo look like 54' Ford "Mainliners" I think, with stick shift on the steering column. Boy - do I remember them, spent many hours on the midnight tour in one of those with Eddie Egan of the French Connection Fame.

It's great to ramble on with someone who knows, cares, and was part of the team.

My very best to you and Angie,

Tom Woodley (Retired LT)

Point of information: Did you know as Tom mentioned above that Eddie Egan was once with the PAPD prior to transfering to NYPD - Jerry

Jerry and Angie,

Wow - I do remember sitting there waiting for the light to turn green and push the button and start the next trip, like being on a merry-go-round (vivid memories).

Good grief Jerry, it was a "Mainliner" Ford. Sorry guys, I don't have any photo's of the "155" at Kennedy. I just finished a round of golf before the rain started, now going to become a couch potato for the Super Bowl.

Cheers, Tom Woodley (Retired LT)

Signal 8-2 Club,

Have read the December 1997 issue of "The Buckslip" and I enjoyed reading it, it being well written and easy read.

I have two comments - The story about Russ Bible's cooking was accurate, I've eaten some of his meals, but there were others who also turned out good meals for those 4-12 tours at LGA. Tommy Hughes produced home cooked dinners and 50 cent haircuts, all those half dollars was Tom's vacation money.

Ray Santinello turned out those great Italian dishes. One night Ray had just taken steak dinners for us out of the oven, when the alert alarm sounded we rushed to the emergency trucks and out to stand by the runway until the crippled aircraft made it's safe landing. When we returned to the house all those steaks were gone. We had a Dalmatian "Smokey" who had a feast. Sergeant Esnes has his own specialty-everything was cooked with onions (ergo-Sgt. Onions). Tom Curley made the best coffee - morning, noon and night. If Tom's coffee got stale it was given the old "Heave-Ho" and a fresh pot was made. Lots of good men spent productive time in that kitchen.

Second comment - The pictures of the GWB, reminded me that there was (is) a police post in the New York Tower (Northside) way up near the top. There was (is) an elevator you rode up to the platform you stood on. The purpose was to report any stoppages on the bridge to the desk in New Jersey - A telephone was up there for your use.

Tom Cook (Retired LGA)

Hi Jerry and Angie,

Just to bring you up to date that old letter you had published in the last issue of "The Buckslip". By some quirk of fate, we did win the Lexus and Jim (Ledwith) was there to witness the drawing, but we were not. So it must have been your phrase of "maybe next time". Anyway please give my best to everyone and I do promise we will try to get to one of the events. Received a letter & card from the Schoppman Clan (and I do mean clan). Glad to hear John & Dolores are feeling better. Also received a very novel greetings for Hanukkah from Paddy Heslin. My next door neighbor is also a Heslin and will be traveling to Ireland in the spring. I showed him Heslins coat of arms and he said he would contact Paddy to determine if there is any kinship.

Everything here in Albuquerque is great for us. Still see Jimmy Ledwith once in a while. Aaron Lafer is still doing O.K. and Max Sinowitz is also O.K. and does a lot of traveling. Just returned from a four month trip in Europe and some Asian countries.

Mel Klawsky (Retired - JFK)

Hi Jerry & Angie,

Hope all is well. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in August - took a Land/Sea cruise through Alaska - Beautiful Country! Visited with Bill & Doris Cunningham (Wild Bill) when we were in Arizona.

Very happy to see you finally got "The Buckslip" back in print. Thanks - Really enjoyed it!

Jim & Muriel Ledwith (Retired - JFK)

Dear Angie and Jerry,

We finally got to review the entire Signal 8-2 Web Site on Monday and we were greatly impressed. You both have done a fantastic job with sprinkling new information, humor, offerings and nostalgia through the whole presentation. I can imagine ( although I don't know how you did it - especially the animations ) the time and effort you put into the project. Bob and Jan Miller were also very favorably impressed and amazed at what you both have done.

Keep up the great work!

Walter and Mary O'Connor (Retired - JFK)

Dear Jerry,

It has been a few years since relieving you in Lot 5 E. You were the best guy to relieve - No other Post had a TV! Just wanted you to know that I think your Web Site is great. We who are still active must admire how much more advanced you retirees are in this media. You're way ahead of us. Nice job! Sorry I missed you when you breezed through JFK. Barbara McClancy and Vito told me all about it.

Just wanted to say Hi from JFK and ponder retirement everyday - 25 years down in July. Lots of college tuition ahead of me, so work is a must right now. Lotto is the other option.

Please convey my regards to all, and it's great to see and hear about some old NIA friends like Billy Backes and Clem Merola. Hope all is well. Keep up the great work. It's nice to know there's life after the PAPD.

Warmest Wishes,

Kevin Hassett - JFK

Hello Jerry and Angie,

The photo enclosed shows the Police Desk when the Port Authority took over LaGuardia Airport. This had been the New York City Fire Departments watch desk which was right on the apparatus floor.

The photo was taken by PO Charlie Clark. It was the first day the cameras became part of the patrol cars' equipment, so the photo was a "try out".

Hope the guys enjoy it and maybe it will bring back memories to some from LaGuardia.


Tom Cook (Retired - LGA)


Many thanks for reminding me to send in my dues. I had put the notice aside as I wanted to write a letter to you all. However between the holidays, our cruise in January and Joan having pneumonia, it just never got done.

Enjoyed "The Buckslip" so much that I had to dig out another photo to match Bill Lappin's. That's me on the bike at the old Lincoln Tunnel Administration Building, before the 3rd tube, circa 1950's when Tony Scarano, Fred Ehrhardt, Schultz and Buddy DePhillips were on the bikes, before the Port Authority did away with the bikes after the Calandra accident at the Holland Tunnel.

The cartoon on the back page looks like one of Gil Saddlers and probably eludes to the plane that crashed on the GWB early one Sunday morning when I was the Lieutenant Tour Commander and Sgt Frank Szakas walled me at the Police Desk with the report, right in the middle of my coffee. Frank was a great kidder and I figured the troops just want me out, until the toll supervisor called and said the traffic was backed up to God knows where. I visioned a 747 with fuel streaming down onto the highway below and hundreds of bodies, but alas it was only a Piper Cub. But this story goes on and on, and we made some good press.

I remember Russ Bible's cooking too at LaGuardia, but it all seems like a lifetime ago since I retired in 1972 - WOW, that's 26 years ago, longer than I was on the job. I remember when someone hardboiled Lt Manzione's fresh delivered eggs and made out a CCR to report the crime and the sponge they frosted and called it sponge cake for the guy who always stole a piece.

Sorry we're not here when you guys have a reunion, but we come down after Thanksgiving and home again buy the end of April.

Give my regards to all, we all had good memories and we had the greatest comradery going.

John Eymer (Retired -Academy)


Dear Jerry & Angie,

The "Buckslip" was excellent. Thanks very much for taking the time and putting an interesting newsletter together.

As you can tell by my address which I have resided at for the past 5 1/2 years, I am in beautiful Virginia. To keep busy when I am not on the lake fishing or swimming I volunteer to run with the Fire Department and Rescue Squad. Completing an EMT - B Rescue Course and EVOC Course we work in the back and drive the Ambulances. Fire fighting is strictly for support. (Most of the day crews are 60 and over - the younger people run at night).

Enclosed are a patch and printed patch if you wish to print them in "The Buckslip". Also enclosed are copies of photo's of past Emergency equipment the Port Authority used over the years. Sorry I could not find a picture of the "155" from Kennedy.

Best of Health,

Tom O'Reilly (Retired - JFK)

Dear Jerry and Angie,


I am referring to "The Buckslip". You all are doing a fine job. Please keep up the good work. Just what we need--yes, in order to keep the rank and file informed and amused. We really enjoyed it ( even though Woodley did one-up me ). Just kidding. That was great.

We didn't get to the reunion in Melbourne due to medical reasons. This is the way it went: (This medical report is not a "poor me" -- just the fact).

* It all started the day of the reunion. Helen woke up with a stomach virus. The car was packed but we could not make it.

* Next came the infection in my finger -- cause unknown -- medical procedure.

* Then Helen was bitten by something ( ? ) and her leg became infected -- another medical procedure.

* This was followed by me getting a severe upper respiratory infection, which developed into pneumonia. Being a loving and sharing husband, I gave it to Helen.

* Now we are approaching the Christmas season. HO-HO-HO! (I voted for Bah - Humbug!). It's time to decorate. So I go outside to put the lights up. Helen stays in to decorate inside. BAM!! That's what I heard. When I came in I found her inside, on the floor, with her leg under her. Nothing serious -- only a fractured of the Tibia and the Fibula, just above the left ankle. Then came three and a half hours of surgery and seven weeks in a cast.

As you can see, life in Homosassa has not been boring. But we do hope to make the next reunion. Hope all is well with you and am looking forward to seeing you.

I cannot contact you on the internet as the string on my tomato can does not reach that far.

Looking forward to the next issue.

As ever,

Bill and Helen Lappin (Retired - LT)

P.S. The first picture you ran of me used to hang in my mother's beauty shop with the caption "Mom, none of your excuses -- just your license and registration".


Dear Jerry and Angie,

Thank you to you both and your helpers ( Hello Al Hansen!! ) for making this a great stop while surfing around. It is nice to see old names and photos. Also to know that so many of my former co-workers and friends are available by this line of communication. I am 2700 miles away from the New York / New Jersey area in Las Vegas. It is sure nice to be able to still maintain some contact. I keep the e-mail list you sent available and have been able to "Connect Up" a few others who were not aware of your fine efforts.


Thanks Again and Hello to everybody,

Bill Hoover (Retired - SIB)

Dear Jerry,

Thanks for the updates. I have been telling the guys on our job about your great website. Needless to say those who have visited have nothing but good things to say. Good to see alot of guys who have retired are on line - a good way to stay in touch with old friends.

Ken Perrine (PATH)

Dear Jerry,

"Biggie" Biggane's picture should be of his one foot on the bumper while he wrote a ticket and, of course, the picture would show the "putees the bikemen wore and their leather coats". This was one of the sights I remember seeing "Biggie" in action. Tom (Woodley) was a heck of a lot more genteel than "Biggie".

The Best,

Frank Perry (Retired-LT)

( We contacted Leon "Biggie" Biggane and a picture is on it's way - Jerry )


Here's the picture you've been waiting for. Not writing a summons, however "Biggie" does have his foot up on the bumper of one of our "all yellow" sector cars of that time. Enjoy - Jerry!


Dear Jerry and Angie,

What a nice card you made up. It really shows how the PAPD has grown. You know Jerry - going back a few years - Lenny Kresh and I were involved in designing a Patch for the department. Lenny was very good at designing. The one we finally thought was right for the Police Department was like the one they use now. The only difference was the patch was shaped like a triangle, but the wording was the same and set just like they are now.

I understand they have 2 K-9 Units in the Bus Terminal and 136 men on the job. What a change. I remember when we had 18 men, 3 tours, and that year 28 of us ended up in the hospital. The P.B.A. tried to increase man power for many years. In the meantime we were getting our lumps. One year we made 1,400 arrests and that was only in one block of New York City.

Well, I finally got to the retired P.B.A. Christmas Party last year. It was attended by about 130 retirees. It was nice to see them again. Al Sgag and his wife were there. He looked pretty good. Tony Van Meirt took a photo of Al and me. Al is in charge of security at a NY Casino known as The Turning Stone. It is near Syracuse NY off the New York Thruway. He said they just finished building a new hotel and would like Jean and I to come up.

We don't travel too much on long distances. Just a little to old and to many jerky drivers out there now. We go to Atlantic City Casino by a bus service out of Scranton for a day. We enjoy it very much. Jean wins alot more than I do. When I finish there I believe I left enough to make there daily payroll.

I think you know Pete Hart from Kennedy - his wife Anne died last year. He has been my neighbor here at the Estates for 20 years. Bob Kempinski lives here on the Estates also. Well - Pete isn't to well so he is selling his house here and going to live in Colorado with one of his daughters. It is tough when we lose our partners after all these years. Jean and I told him we have him in our prayers.

Well - I'll close for now - Hoping to hear from you soon. We keep thinking about a trip to Florida. We'll see what happens. Our son is in Orlando now - so who knows.

Kindest regards and all our love,

Max and Jean Watkins (Retired - BT)

Dear Jerry and Angie,

Thanks for the information and the website. Will see Dad and Mom today and give them the info. We're all going to Gulfstream to play the ponies.

I wasn't on the job, but put 26 years in with the Port and was a Duty Manager at JFK. Took a buyout at the end of 1996 when the IAB was privitized and headed south to Pembroke Pines near Ft Lauderdale. Have no regrets and would never go back north, except to visit. This is living down here. My wife also agrees. She was always cold up on Long Island.

Say hi to Frank and Dolores Rizzo for me also. They'll remember me from the old pistol team days when I was a kid and went to the matches. Ask Dolores about the time we all flew on a 1928 Tri-Motor Ford over Lake Erie during the National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio, about 1963.

Any messages to Dad can be sent through me. He said he'll be getting a computer (for Mom) when they get back north.

Take Care!

Andy Foley Jr.


The designation given to Truck #8 is Rescue 8. It arrived the middle of last year. For exact info on the rig, contact George Howard. He was instrumental in the equipping and design of the truck. The body and cab is a carbon copy of LaGuardia's rescue truck, however, the goodies on board differ quite a bit. Don't know if you knew we just got it back from the body shop. It was in it's first accident.

Enjoy your California vacation. Too bad you'll miss the JFK party. My wife Barbara and I have a trip planned to Captiva Island in October. Hope it jives with the reunion. It would be great to see some of the guys again.

Will send out the application for membership as soon as it arrives.

Barry McCarthy (JFK)

Hi Jerry and Angie,

Best wishes for a Happy Easter to you both. Keep up the good work with "The Buckslip". I find it very interesting and invaluable for research.

Heard from Bill McCreary (TWA) on Monday last. He lives in Dublin now and has remarried at 72 years old. He comes to the USA twice yearly for medical check-ups and always calls me.

Keep in Touch.


Gerry and Alice O'Malley (Retired - JFK)

Jerry and Angie,

Many of these men were the "Seniors" from the start of my career (1970). Pop on the other hand knows them all from having worked with them many times. My Dad, Edgar Hoover was an "Airport man" as a Police Officer and while in the Pool as a Sgt. He then went to the CPD - Port Newark - and Back to the CPD to finish out his career (1946 - 1972).

I would really like to bring him to a reunion. I think he would have a great time. Please tell me about membership. If this is a Florida Club can I still join? I would make Pop a member just so he could get the newsletter and directory. Let me know how much and where to send the check.


Bill Hoover (Retired-SIB)

Dear Jerry,

Do you remember when Mother PONYA didn't allow payroll deduction for PBA dues? Well I do! During my first years on the job 1960-61, I was elected the PBA delegate at the Holland Tunnel. Every payday ( wasn't it the first and the fifteenth back then ), I had to wait around the locker room and go out to the toll booths to collect fifty cents a month from you guys. Then when ( or should I say "if" ) you paid up, we signed the back of your PBA card as a receipt.

Being a PBA delegate back then wasn't easy -- but I wouldn't trade those days for anything!

A Brother Forever,

Ben and Gerri Dubose (Retired - BT)

Dear Jerry and Angie,

Thanks so much for the call and the two issues of "The Buckslip".

Enclosed you will find some things I was able to find after Jeanne did all the digging through old photos and stuff. I had laser copies made and I hope they suit your purpose. I have also enclosed a photo of Jeanne and I at a December wedding. We will be married 50 years in September.

We have done some substantial traveling over the years and enjoyed every moment of it. Europe was fine but couldn't compare with what this country offers -- Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Central and Northern California. We spend many vacations and long weekends in Las Vegas, but stopped going there when it became kiddieland. Reno and Tahoe fits better for us now.

I have to thank Tom Woodley for remembering the old motorcycle men including yours truly. Tom, Bill Lappin, and I were part of the new wave in that detail. Tony Scarono, Ed Wenning, Tom Coffee, Bill Crisham, Bill MacMurray were the older group. Let's not forget Gerry Bosch ( my classmate ) who I note passed away recently. My old buddy Ed Neary is now in Florida and I see him once in a while. We see Jerry Schneider and Millie and Walter and Genny Dritzel a couple of times a year. They live in North Carolina now.

All the names that have jogged my memory as a result of your communication with me has whetted my appetite for more.

Thanks again for thinking of me and for opening the creaky door of my past.

Leon and Jeanne Biggane (Retired - LT)


Dear Jerry and Angie,

Attached here are the applications for membership and a check to cover the fees. I have returned both my own and my fathers applications. Dad does not have an on-line service so I will act as a conduit for e-mail to him. "Snail" mail can go to his regular address.

I have included a check in the amount of $25.00. This will cover the annual dues for my Dad and I. It will also give you $5.00 to put towards stamps, stationary, etc.

I do enjoy the website and hope that will come a time that I can attend one of the reunions.

Regards to you both,

P.S. Here's a coincidence, my check number 640 is the same number as my Police Officer Badge #640 -- Strange!

Bill and Libby Hoover (Retired - SIB)

Dear Jerry,

Very nice to see the photo's posted. Thank you for the Easter wishes. I'm still new at the keyboard and if my wife doesn't remind me I forget to check my mail.

I like the idea of "Photo's Submitted By"......... In my 25 years that's the only recognition I ever got.

Hope you and Angie had a wonderful Easter. Talk to you soon.

Don and Marie Regina (Retired - JFK)

Dear Jerry and Angie,

Just a note to let you know the photo's look real good on the website.

You are doing a good job with this site. I check it regularly for new updates and photos. Keep up the good work.

Tom Russell (Retired - JFK)


Here's a photo of me taken by Bill Lappin. He was learning to use a Polaroid Camera and was using the last of the film (I think).

Anyway, this is a shot taken at the Lincoln Tunnel's new Police Desk. The men in the background waiting for roll call includes Mike Deresh and Tony Van Miert. The other names I don't remember.

See you in May!

Al Ernst (Retired - LT)


Jerry and Angie,

I am so very glad that you called me over this past weekend and left a message on my answering service.

In our following conversations, I told you about my immediate impending retirement from the state of Florida after over 18 years with the public defender's office here in Napels. With my Military time, I have accumulated over 21 years towards this pension and I am really ready to "Pack It In".

After retirement from the Port Authority, I flew as a commercial pilot and a FAA certified flight instructor for over 8 years before coming to work for the state of Florida as an investigator. Circumstances were good to me over the years and I am retiring as a supervising investigator for the 20th Judicial Circuit.

I had kept up my flying career on a part time basis until a misdiagnosis for heart disease when, in fact, it was my gall bladder which had gone bad.

I look forward to the Sarasota meeting in October. I say "HELLO" to Tom Woodley, Leon Biggane, Bill Lappin and all the fellows I worked with at the Port Authority.

Yours Very Truly,

Ed Neary (Retired - LT)


Dear Jerry and Angie,

Everything here is going great! The kids all live local - 3 daughters in Miller Place and son John lives in E Setauket.

I really appreciate the effort Angie and you put into "The Buckslip". I really missed it when it wasn't being produced. I really feel it is the glue that keeps 8-2 together and in touch with what is going on.

Regards to the gang in Florida and thank again for doing a terrific job!

The Best,

Jack and Doris Corley (Retired - LGA)

Dear Jerry and Angie,

A few lines to say Hello and let you know I received the Membership Directory yesterday and Thank You for the extra work, expense and effort you did to send it to me. I looked it over and recalled a lot of names from the job.

I would like to wish you and The Signal 8-2 group continued success.

Once Again THANKS,

Best Wishes,

Ed Hoover (Retired - CPP)

P.S. Hope you get out to visit my son Bill (Retired - SIB), I know he will be very glad to see you!

Dear Jerry and Angie,

Many thanks for your letter of April 16th. I don't yet have a computer and not on line but I get along with my work processor and Fax machine. Spending 6 months north and 6 south I try to minimize what I have to transport.

I have been cleaning through 20 years of collected paperwork I accumulated looking for a picture of the old yellow sector cars but as yet to no avail. I did come across some PA Diaries, Signal 8-2's and American Police Bulletin all with information that you may have use of for "The Buckslip" or Web Site.

As I continue to go through my files of memories of the job, I will continue to look for data and a picture of that yellow police car. Till then best regards to all. Just got back from Alaska and will head south after Thanksgiving, perhaps we can get together then.

John Eymer (Retired - CPD)

Dear Jerry and Angie,

First let me say thank you for all the updated messages about the going's on with the PAPD.

I would like to join the Signal 8-2 Club of Florida in the mean time and contribute any way I can, so please let me know how I can join.

Well, thanks again and all the best to you - Keep up the good work.

Bob and Marie Yarzab (Retired - JFK)

Hi Jerry and Angie,

Had a great July 4th and hope you had the same. Are the fires in your area? If so, get an old F-30 or F-40 to spray the neighborhood down. Without the foam, of course.

Take Care,

Joe Salter (Retired - LGA)

Hi Jerry and Angie,

Just to let you know everything over here is doing just great, even all the fires they had all around us never came near enough to give us any concern. We had a great time in Europe but the Bus Tour is the hard way to do it. Not enough time in any one spot, but it's like a POU-POU platter in a Chinese restaurant, try a little of everything and pick what you like best and try it for a longer time.

We are going on a couple of short cruises in August and September and a longer one for the Thanksgiving week. You said you were going on vacation in September, that's when we have to go to New York for a wedding - September 17th. How about that. Hope to be back in time for the reunion.

One of these days I will try to find your chat room and see what it's all about. That's about all for now.

Have a great summer.

Gil Breden (Retired - JFK)

Dear Jerry and Angie

Attended this well deserved send off for Frank Fox who gave 38 years devoted service to the Port Authority. Many state, local and federal agencies represented, all bearing plaques. all recalling fond memories of Frank and all with their best wishes for a happy and long retirement.

Many present and retired from the PAPD on hand as well as quite a few from the PA civilian work force. The party MC'D by Ed Sullivan (Asst Director - retired) was a nice occasion and well deserved for a gentleman and dedicated Police Officer such as Frank.

James Verdino (Retired - LGA)

Dear Jerry and Angie,

Many thanks for the opportunity to join the Florida 8-2 Club.

I look forward to making one of the future get-togethers.

Best Wishes to you and the club members!

Frank Fox (Retired - JFK)

Dear Jerry and Angie,

I just wanted you to know what a great job you are doing with 8-2. Since I retired in 1971 I've missed the comradeship of the men I worked with all those years. In the future I will have to think up some of the stories that made our job what it was.

I want to comment on the picture taken at LaGuardia Airport of President Truman, George Marino, Bill O'Connor, Joe Kirincich, Lt Brady is obscured and I believe I was facing him. If I can locate some photos I will send them to you. I've been in touch with Maxie Watkins who lives a few miles from me. I phoned Ray Delbango and he was in good shape. I'm hoping to get to see all you guys down in Florida as soon as I recover from my latest surgery. I'm getting stronger every day. I've been out to Las Vegas about 20 times and never knew that some of our guys were out there. I have 2 sister-in-laws living there so I'm fairly familiar with Vegas.


Barney Feeney (Retired - LGA)

Dear Angie & Jerry,

Congratulations on a wonderful job keeping all retirees on a communications link "E-MAIL" so we can keep in touch with one another. You and Angie have committed yourselves to a full time job and are to be commended for keeping the PAPD Family together. I have received more e-mail from past colleagues since I retired than you can imagine.

Keep up the good work. Best of Luck to both of you and have a great summer.

This is really the best way to keep in touch.

Keep It Going..........

Fred Stinner (Retired - NIA)


These pictures are of Russ Harlan and Tom Russell (both retired JFK). I just spent 2 weeks in Maui at Russ Harlans new house - Great View.

Life is good. Retirement is working.

Tom Rusell (Retired - JFK)

Hi Jerry & Angie,

Just to let you know I am working part time for the Fort Myers Police Department as a Grandpa - Cop. Mainly I instruct the school kids in school..........from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.............everything from drugs to 911......... A great job and the hours are too.

Hope that both of you had a wonderful and safe holiday.

Take care and will chat with you soon

Steve Skiba (Retired - HT)


Thanks for the updated information on my classmate Pete Librizzi. I got calls this morning from Jerry Aprile and also from my other classmate, Jim Nachstein Jr., about Pete's passing.

Pete was really an easygoing, all-around "good guy" who was always a good friend. It is hard to believe that we first met almost twenty seven years ago on April 16, 1973.

I think one of his first collars was a homicide at the IAB, when the drug store was held up and the pharmacist was shot to death. He caught the perp and did a great job. A hell of a way for a rookie to get his start on the job - I guess.

I will be going out to the Island tomorrow to pay my respects.

Once again, thanks for the fine work that you do in keeping us informed about our brothers.

Joe Salter (Retired - LGA)

Jerry & Angie,

I've sure gotten old.......I've had two By-Pass surgeries. A hip replacement, new knees. Fought prostate cancer, and diabetes. I'm half blind, can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine, take 40 different medications that make me dizzy, winded and subject to blackouts. Have bouts with dementia. Have poor circulation, hardly feel my hands and feet anymore. Can't remember if I'm 85 or 92. Have lost all my friends. But..........Thank God I still have my DRIVER'S LICENSE!

Paddy Heslin (Retired - JFK)

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