Honor Roll

We cannot thank you enough
Without your help
we would not exist

Port Authority Retired Association
Port Authority Retired Police Association
Port Authority Retired Detectives Association
Port Authority Signal 8-2 of Florida
North Las Vegas Police Dept.
Abdoulian, Greg - Riverside Casino

Abbott Sr, Bob and Audrey - Retired JFK
Accardi, Joe and Grace - Retired JFK
Ahearn, Danny and Margaret - Retired JFK

Ahearns, Bill and Debra - Retired JFK
Albach, Bill and Rosemary - Retired NIA
Almestica, Willi and Maria - Retired NIA

Amato, Ralph - Retired JFK
Andreas, Kurt and Deborah - Retired JFK/CIB
Aprile, Jerry and Teresa - Retired CIB
Asparro, Vito and Lucille - Retired JFK
Ayers, Larry and Pat - Retired JFK
Bachmann, Lenny and Grace - Retired CPD

Baden, Paul - Retired PATH

Baicich, Tony and Rosemary - Active LGA
Barker, Richie and Betty Ann - Retired NI
Barnickle, Jerry and Angie - Retired LGA
Barrett, Ron and Dianne - Retired PN
Barrieri, Wilferd and Barbara - Retired JFK
Barrow, Joe - Retired PATH

Barry, Mike E and Kathy - Retired PATH
Barry, Mike P. and Yolanda - Active PATH
Basmagy, Jim and Barbara - Retired LT
Beaudin, L Cullen and Maureen - Retired GW
Beiter, Charlie and Rita - Retired JFK
Benoit, Charles and Donna - Retired CIB

Berle, Larry and Gerri - Retired LT
Berrios, Louis and Marge - Retired SIB

Besheer, Matt - Reitred JTTF/CIB
Bible, Russ - Retired LGA
Bicocchi, Richard and Barbara - Retired LT
Bienkowski, Joe and Kathleen - Retired NIA
Biggane, Leon and Jeanne - Retired LT
Billia, James - Retired NIA
Blondet, Jr, Tom and Maria - Retired NIA

Boland, Jack and Maggie - Retired HQ
Borowski, Richard and Cristine - Retired LGA
Brack Sr, Bob and Jen - Retired GWB
Brady, Harry and Alice - Retired JFK
Brammer, Walter and Elizabeth - Retired LT
Breden, Gill and Roberta - Retired JFK
Brennan, Frank and Tippy - Retired HQ

Brinson, Joe and Brenda - Retired BT
Brown, Curt and Josephine - Retired LT
Brown, Steve and Dolores - Retired LGA
Buchholz, Mike and Gail - Retired GWB

Burns, Frank - Retired JFK
Burton, Ray and Eula - Retired JFK
Butler, William and Alla - Retired LGA

Cabezas, Ron and Camille - Retired CIB
Campbell, Ken and Lois - Retired NIA
Campion, Bob and Sonia - Retired NIA
Camus, Jim and Susan - Active GWB
Cantilina, Pete and Irma - Retired GWB
Caram, Pete and Madeline - Retired CIB

Carcaci, Joe and Joyce - Retired NJMT
Caron, Bob - Retired JFK/CIB
Carroll Jr, Richie and Debbie - Retired NJMT
Casey, Tom and Roberta - Retired NIA
Cemonuk, John and Cherly - Retired WTC
Cheplic, Mike and Irene - Retired LT
Cibenko, Mike and Anna - Retired CPP

Cierzo, Tom and Joy - Retired LT
Clendening, John and Doreen - Retired CIB
Cohen, Larry and Ora - Retired LGA

Colasuonno, Lenny and Barbara - Retired JFK
Colendenski, Gus and Bernice - Retired PN
Colucci, Frank and Bernadette - Retired LT
Collazo, Pete - Retired JFK
Collins, John J and Roseanne - Retired JFK

Colucci, Frank and Bernadette - Retired LT

Condemi/Cohen, Geradine and Allan - Ret. PN
Considine, Don and Veronica - Retired JFK
Conwell, Jack and Doreen - Retired HT
Corley, Jack and Doris - Retired LGA

Corradina, Al and Priscilla - Retired BT
Cowan, Bob - Retired JFK
Coyle, Tommy and Josephine - Retired JFK
D'Amico, Bob and Cathleen - Retired LGA/CIB
Daniel, John and Eileen - Retired CIB
Daniels, Charlie and Joy - Retired NIA
Dawkins, Bob and Brenda - Retired LGA
Degeneste, Henry and Edna - Retired HQ

De Giacomo, John and Agnes - Retired JFK
Delano, Don and Kathleen - Retired NIA
Delbango, Ray and Julia - Retired LAG
Della Serra, Nick and Donna - Retired CIB

Della Serradella, Nick and Donna - Retired CIB
DeMartino, Lou and Terri - Retired BT
DeMonico, Gus and Anna - Retired JFK/CIB

Depanicis, George and Cathy - Retired GWB
Depietro, Rich and Rosemary - Retired ESU
Deppert, Henry and Elaine - Retired NIA
DeRosa, Alan and Barbara - Retired GWB
Desmond, Willie and Jacqueline - Retired NIA
Devlin, Kevin and Sheila - Retired SOD
Disanzo, Tony and Mary - Retired NIA

Donavan, Pat and Robin - Retired Retired SIB
Dorner, George - Active LGA

Doubraski, Bill & Moraima - Retired LT
Dowling, Ed and Kathleen - Retired LGA
Doyle, Matt and Margaret - Retired NIA
Driscoll, Bob and Kathrine - Retired CIB/NIA
Dunne, Marty and Sally - Retired JFK

Durso, Lucian - Retired JFK/CIB
Dziekan, Walter - Retired NIA
Eichholz, Henry - Retired HT
Elenko, Harvey and Libby - Retired JFK
Elique, Jose and Rose - Retired HQ

Elliott, John and Mary - Retired NIA

Ellis, Frank - Retired JFK/CIB
Encarnacion, Felix and Cedilia - Retired LGA
Ernst, Al and Agnes - Retired LT

Escobar, John and Hilda - Retired JFK
Essex, Bob and Lorie - Retired WTC

Eymer, John and Joan - Retired HQ
Facchini, Pat and Antoinette Retired LT
Farfalla, Frank and Marie - Retired CIB
Fay, Jimmy - Retired PATH
Feit, James and Marcella - Retired JFK
Ferranola, Mike and Shirley - Retired JFK

Ferullo, Tony - Retired NIA
Filingeri, Joe and Susan - Retired BT/CIB
Finnegan, Tom and Elizabeth - Retired NIA

Fioriello, Fred and Jill - Retired JFK
Firehock, Don and Debra - Active JFK
Flavin, Dennis and Maryanne - Retired JFK
Florie, Mike - Active JFK

Forker, Ed and Liz - Retired BT
Fowler, Lee - Retired EWR
Fox, Frank and Jean - Retired HQ
Fox, Seve
Frain, Bernard and Nancy - Retired ESU
Freeman, Maat - Retired LGA
Frederick, Dan and Nancy - Retired PATH

Fuller, Charles and Doris - Retired GWB
Furey, Ed and Ciel - Retired JFK
Fusco, Tony - Retired CIB
Gabora, Herman and Carol - Retired JFK
Gachett, Al and Jeanetta- Retired JFK/CIB

Garrett, Ed and Mickie - Retired LT
Gato, Frank and Cindy - Retired NIA

Giaramita, Frank and Lisa - Active JFK
Giarratano, Ed - Retired PN
Gilday, Artie and Laura - Retired GWB
Goodstein, Evan and Lorraine - Retired CIB
Graber, Bernie and Sylvia - Retired LGA

Greff, Roger and Maryann - Retire HQ
Grieser, Dick and Lucille - Retired JFK
Griffin, Gene and Riki - Retired PD
Grosskopf, John and Helen - Retired HT
Grossi, Steve and Ramona - Active LGA
Guarino, Nick - Retired JFK

Gunsiorowski, Bernie - Retired NIA
Gustafson, Ron and Norma - Retired WTC
Gwozd, Tess - Retired JFK
Hadley/Bailey, Cynthia and Warren - NIA
Hall, Al and Camille - Retired Academy

Hamersky, Steve and Anna - Retired PN
Haney, Ed and Joan - Retired CPP
Hansen, Al and Michelle - Retired SIB
Hansen, Jan and Teddy - Retired NIA
Harlan, Russ and Sachie - Retired JFK
Harrington, Mike and Eileen - Retired PD
Harris, Ray and Barbara - Retired NIA
Harvey, Al and Narissa Mae - Retired LT
Hasbrouck, Bob and Mary - Retired JFK

Hassett, Kevin and Gail - Retired - JFK
Haubert, Bill and Jane - Retired BT
Haynes, Claude and Gloria - Retired LGA
Heaton, Bill and Ann Marie - Retired LGA

Heeken, Frank and Meg - Retired SIB
Heslin, Paddy - Retired JFK
Hintzen, Ray and Peggy - Retired JFK

Hoover, Bill and Libby Ann - Retired
Howely III, Bill and Kathleen - Retired JFK
Howell. Richie - Retired PATH

Horowitz, Irwin and Karon - Retired LGA
Hrobuchak, John and Theresa - Retired JFK

Hughes Jr, Eddie and Gail - Retired SIB
Hunt, Ken and Janet - Retired GWB
Hutchings, John and Gail - Retired SIB

Hyde, Owen and Phyllis - Retired JFK
Iacono, Louis and Janice - Retired LGA
Inman, Tom and Diane - Retired JFK
Itzkowitz, Manny and Florence - Retired JFK

Ivers, Ray - Retired PNMT
Jarratt, Harvey - Retired TEB
Johnson, Drew and Faith - Retired JFK
Johnston, John and Cathy - Retired PATH
Jones, Tony - Retired BT/K9
Jordan, Victor and Thelma - Retired GWB
Jurgel, Jimmy - Retired JFK

Kaiser, Ulrich and Edna - Retired GWB
Kapsis, Gus and Rebecca - Active PATH
Karas, Dan and Helen - Retired JFK
Katz, Arnold and Sonora - Retired LT

Kavanagh, Pat - Retired GWB
Kibler, Wes and Regina - Retired CPP
Krieg, Gene and Mary - Retired PATH
Kiselewsky, Richard and Barbara - Ret. NIA
Kittren, Andy and Penny - Retired NIA

Klawsky, Mel and Anita - Retired JFK
Kopec, John and Diane - Retired HQ
Korbul, Bill and Karen - Active PATH

Kosinski, Florian and Laura - Retired PN
Kramer, Don and Maureen - Retired NIA
Kramer, Julius and Evelyn - Retired JFK
Krempler, Richard and Joyce - Retired JFK
Kreiss, Walt - Retired CPP
Krieg, Gene and Mary - Retired PATH

Kuebler, Fred and Susan - Retired PATH/K-9
Kutcher, Bob - Retired CPD

Lafer, Aaron and Marilyn - Retired JFK
La Magna, Fran and Maureen - Retired PA
Larsen, Neale and Gerry - Retired PN

Latacz, Tony and Joan - Retired SIB
Laumbach, Dean and Ann - Retired HQ
Lauria, Sal and Rose - Retired JFK
Laursen, John and Laurie - Retired NIA
Lawniczak, Tom and Jane - Retired JFK
Learn, Don - Retired NIA

Leary, Gene and Georgette - Active CPD
Ledwith, Jim and Muriel - Retired JFK
Leisz, Rob - Retired SIB
Leonard, Phil - Retired LGA
Levine, Murray - Retired GWB
Lewis, John and Maggie - Retired JFK
Lim, David and Diane - Active CPP
Linden, Charlie and Maura - Retired JFK/CIB
Lodato, Mike and Lynn - Retired LGA
Logue, Dennis and Helen - Retired BP
Loos, Bob - Retired JFK

Lopes, Joe and marilyn - Retired NIA

Lopez, Al and Frances - Retired PATH

Lorenz, George and Eileen - Active NIA
Lukas, Richard and Kathleen - Retired JFK
Luongo, Mike and Dusty - Retired HT
Mackesy, Lenny and Jane - Retired HQ
Marchesano, John and Mary - Retired LGA
Marino, Carmen and Angela - Retired NIA
Marone, Lenny and Hiedi - Active PATH
Martella, Joe and Susan - Retired WTC

Martin, Bob and Mindi - Retired LGA/CIB
Martinez, Hector - Active - BT
Marzano, Jmaes and Phyllis- Retired CPP
Matthews, Jerry - Retired - Retired PD
Mattiace, John and Rose - Active LT

McAuley, Herman and Audris - Retired JFK

MCCann, John and Cookie - Retired SIB
MCCarron, Larry and Jean - Retired HQ
McCarthy, Barry and Barbara - Retired JFK
McClancy, Barbara - Retired LGA
McCrohan, James and Rita - Retired LT
MCCrudden, Bob and Barbara - Retired PATH
McGovern, Jim and Irene - Retired GWB

McKeever, Joe and Diane - Active LGA
McKevitt, Larry and Betty - Retired PATH
McKinney, Thomas and Peggy - Retired JFK
McMahon, Don and Patty - Active JFK/CIB

Medina, Ayala, Gil - Retired SIB
Mendenhall, Ron and Bobbi - Retired CIB
Miccio, Mike and Ruth - Retired JFK
Miller Jr, John and Joanne - Retired - PATH

Miller, Tom and Alice - Retired PATH
Moculski, Mike and Minerva - Retired PATH

Moglia, Bob and Marlene - Retired SIB
Montuori, Philip and Donna - Retired JFK
Moore, Kenny and Myrianne - Retired EWR

Morris, Joe and Linda - Retired HQ
Muller, Richard and Mary - Retired CIB
Munier, Paul and Patricia - Retired PN
Nafey, Ray and Charlene - Retired BT/CIB

Nelson, Kirk and Lenore - Retired NIA
Nicoletti, Joe and Samatha - Retired PATH

Niedzwiecki, Teddy and Joyce - Retired JFK
Norris, Tim and Theresa - Retired BT
Numziato, Ralph and Irene - Retired PD

O'Brien, Tommy - Retired JFK
O'Connor, John, and Fran - Retired PD

O'Connor, Walter and Mary - Retired JFK
O'Dea, Martin and Kathleen - Retired GWB
Oliva, Vincent - Retired K-9

O'Reilly, Pat and Linda - Retired JFK/CIB
Orticelle, Mike and LeeAnne - Retired PATH
Payan, Russ - Retired LGA/CIB
Perry, Geraldine - Retired LGA

Pinard, Dave and Joan - Retired JFK
Plesnarski, Paul and Virginia - JFK/CIB
Podesta, Dave and Rosemary - Retire JFK
Powers, Brian and Maureen - Active LGA
Prince, James H and Elain - Retired JFK
Prior, Roger and Linda - Retired PATH
Rand, Larry and Elizabeth - Retired LGA

Rapacki, Bill and Eleanor - Retired WTC

Raymond, Deloss and Kathleen - Retired PATH
Reinke, John and Eidth - Retired NJMT
Richards, Richard C. and Joan - Retired JFK
Saddler, Gil and Kathy - Retired GWB

Salter, Joe and Janice - Retired LGA/CIB
Santomenno, John and Edith - Retired GWB
Schiano, Sal and Linda - Retired CIB
Schmidt, Charles and Pat - Retired JFK

Sclafani, Tony and Esnes - Retired JFK
Sgaglione, Mike - Retired JFK
Shimansky, John and Karen - Retired NIA
Silhan, Ed and Barbara - Retired LGA
Silhan, Maria - Retired JFK/CIB
Slevin, Brian and MaryAnn - Retired LGA
Slutz, Verl - Retired PN
Smith Jr, Eddie and Debaroh - Retired SIB
Smircich, Pete and Michele - Retired PATH
Solieri, Mike and Marie - Retired LGA
Sorrentino, Jerry and Rose - Retired NIA
Sparacia, Angelo and Chris - Retired GWB
Stinner, Fred and Lorraine - Retired NIA
Stitz, Joesph and Maria Retired PATH/CIB
Strongarone, Bob and Susan - Retired NIA
Slutz, Verl - Retired PN

Stryjewski, Tony and Gloria - Retired LGA
Stryker, Ron and Judy - Retired - HQ
Svolto, Ernest and Bonnie - Retired NIA
Sweet, Artie - Retired LGA

Tabert, Frank and Ann - Retired JFK
Toohey, Brian and Tara - Retired PATN
Toohey, Tom and Peggy - Retired LT
Trollinger, Charlie and Evelyn - Retired LGA

Trotter, Willi and Cynthia - Retired CIB
Varricchio, Dom and Rosanne - Retired NIA
Verdino, Jim and Elaine - Retired CI

Vitty, Ken and Sandi - Retired CIB
Wagner, Bob and Marie - Retired NIA
Walsh, John J and Ann - Retired JFK

Ward, Jerry and Beth - Retired PATH
Wagner, Bob and Marie - Retired NIA
Walsh, John J and Ann - Retired JFK
Watkins, Max - Retired BT
Weinfeld, Phil and Harriet - Retired JFK
Welsh, John and Elizabeth- Retired WTC
Winhoffer, Joe and Claire - Retired JFK
Winslow, Mark and Amy - Retired CPP
Woodley, Tom and Linda - Retired LT
Yarzab, Bob and Maria - Retired JFK
Zanfardino, Joe and Joann - Retired LGA
Zika, William and Deborah Ann - HQ

Zissler, Chris and Dorothy - Retired BP
Zultanky, John and Linda - Retired FTU

Neary, Ed - Retired LT
Nugent, George and Peggy - Retired JFK
O'Brien, Vinny and Mary Ann - Retired BT
Orlando, Jerry and Teresa - Retired JFK
Pasquariello, Bob and julia - Retired JFK
Perrine, Kenny - Retired PATH
Perry, Geraldine - Retired LGA
Powers, Brian and Maureen - Active LGA
Quirk, Jimmy J. - Retired LT
Raymond, Deloss and Kathleen - Retired PATH
Rhodes, Bob and Gerri - Retired EWR
Riccardi, Vinny and Irene - Retired EWR
Rizzo, Frank and Dolores - Retired JFK

Rodenberg, George and Vivian - Retired PATH
Rodriguez, Doug and Vilma - Retired JFK
Rosaschi, Pat and Charles - Retired JFK/CIB
Rowe, Ted and Lenora - Retired JFK
Ruiz, Richard and Elaine - Active LT
Russ, Bob and Barbara - Retired BT
Russell, Tom and Dianne - Retired JFK
Sahanas, Nick and Mildred - Retired CIB
Salsberg, Dan and Pat - Retired JFK
Schmidt, Robert and Marsha - Retired JFK/K-9
Scott, Doug and Joanne - Retired GWB
Sheppard, Walter - Retired CIB
Shifrin, Ken and Valerie - Retired LGA
Sheehan, Richard and Kathlen - Retired JFK/CIB
Shifrin, Ken and Valerie - Retired LGA
Silhan, Maria - Retired JFK/CIB
Sinopoli, Bob and Paulette - Retired BT
Sluberski, Paul and Maricela - Retired PATH
Smith Jr, Ed and Debbie - Rertired SIB
Spano, Carmine and Vivian - Retired JFK/CIA
Spillane, John and Sally - Retired WTC
Spina, Mike - Retire GWB
Stelzle, Bob and Ronnie - Retired PATH

Strongarone, Bob and Susan - Retired NIA
Toro Jr, Pastor and Evelyn - Retired SIU
Troy, Dick and Kathy - Retired HT
Velez, Alex and Maritza - Active JFK
Verardi, Steve - Retired JFK
Welsh, John and Elizabeth - Retired WTC
Winslow, Markand Amy - Retired CPP
Wolfus, Elaine - Retired JFK

Ziekan, Walter - Retired NIA
Zissler, Chris and Dorothy - Retired BP

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