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For those of you who's interest lie in the news and politics of the day. For those who are aware of "The O'Reilly Factor" (well - we all should be) on FOX NEWS. We now have our own "The Grieser Factor" for our enjoyment.

A webpage to stimulate your interest and to allow us to voice our opinions on what ever subject may arise. Dick Grieser will be happy to address all questions and opinions
(which you may not want to hear)!
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"OK What's next...

What does it take to enlighten those "citizens" who can't wait for the latest Socialist healthcare package ? Do those in favor of Obamacare realize that members of Congress will be exempt from the new regulations to be imposed upon the rest of us. I repeat - Their "Cadillac" plan will be exempt although we, the taxpayers are paying for it ! Hypocracy runs rampant in Congress. We retirees will, no doubt , feel it the most.



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