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The current topic is:

Whatever happened to.......?


Whatever happened to the USA as we knew it ? We were always respected throughout the world. Oh yes, we had our detractors and antagonists but we did get respect (reluctantly or otherwise) , so now what is happening ? Is it a conspiracy to destroy us ? If so, by what method ?

The finest document in the world is gradually being eroded in favor of appointees with socialistic agendas and the abuse of Presidential Executive Orders. We also have non-elected "advisors" such as multi - billionaire, George Soros who almost single - handedly destroyed the economies of three or four countries and is now hard at work trying to destroy ours. There is some debate regarding Soros' financial advisory position.

The United States has become a respected world power (until recently) by governing with a two party system. Political Parties have always disagreed with each other but evertually worked out their differences (to some extent) when they realized what the people expected of their elected officials. The framers of the Constitution established this document in order to lessen the role of government in our lives. Most citizens, Republican or Democrat, respect what it represents - freedom . !t is in the interpretation

of the Constitution where most differences of opinion occur hence the need for a Supreme Court ruling. Of course a Supreme Court ruling is most necessary when Members of Congress try to pass laws without reading the bills first.

At present, the economy is the main problem creating a political upheaval in Congress. For example, spending is their greatest temptation and which items to cut from the budget. Priorities are of the utmost importance. Is it more important to cut from the Defense Budget and endanger our National Security and the lives of our Military or Entitlements or illegal immigration and with it irresponsible lack of border security. I report - you decide !





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